I am seeing patients that have been so mismanaged by their cancer providers to the extent of unreal!

It just feels that these folks have not had a chance in their entire journey to see a physician who gave a damn to take care of them. I am AMAZED! The lady shows up and she is paralyzed with cancer in her spine, and yet she is not been evaluated, and all her oncologist is doing is trying to give her more oral pills!! Of course, she needed to be evaluated months ago with referrals to surgery, etc… and the other patient happens to have new brain lesions, all metastatic disease from breast cancer, they are all new, and yet her oncologist says he recommends that she continues the same regimen of chemo because she has RESPONDED elsewhere (in her breast) !!!! I first did not believe this, so I contacted the oncologist and I gave him my recommendations. Of course she has to switch her drugs, that is STANDARD OF CARE. (I assume the people who claim they follow standard of care, they should at least know it!!!), Well to my surprise, the oncologist confirms that this is in deed his plan. Continue the Taxotere and herceptin (which by the way does not readily pass the blood brain barrier). ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????????

God, In my field, practicing integrative medicine is so…..much more like the standard of care, because the least I do, is to THINK! Really…being a genius, as I am called, is so easy when you are surrounded by a bunch of fools!


crlfoundationwpIS IT JUST ME, OR IS IT REAL???