Enhancing Public Health, Safety and Wellbeing

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Cancer Research and Life Foundation( CRL Foundation) has at it’s core the mission of enhancing public health, safety and wellbeing, by increasing the awareness about importance of prevention and novel therapeutics related to cancer and other chronic conditions.

While cancer patients have received enormous support from the non profit since it’s start, their families and relatives and for that matter, every one in the community has benefited from the public education related to most prominent health threats, and environmental risks related to that.

Cancer patients amongst many others suffer from inadequate immunity against opportunistic infections, viral insults in specific. The susceptibility increases as the patients go through chemotherapy or for that matter conventional treatments as a whole. At core of it’s philosophy cancer research and life foundation promotes NON toxic therapies for the very same reason as it lacks the promotion of infections caused by conventional care.

It is well fit into it’s purpose as such, for the foundation to seek support from the community to not only advance it’s therapies for treatments of cancer, but for that matter protect patients as well as healthy individuals against the infections specifically at the time of a pandemic.

As a result foundation has dedicated it’s main human resources and funds, to approach department of health and human services as well as designing prophylactic therapies against Covid 19, by establishing an emergency use application protocol through the food and drug administration ( FDA).

Foundation is also actively working with NIH and Department of defense in securing funds to conduct clinical trials in this regard. At the meantime, it is imperative the foundation continues to work with the private and public foundations to seek support in advancing it’s mission and enhancing patients at risk or infected to have access to the therapy, which unfortunately is currently only available at clinics working with the foundation in California. This protocol while has significant scientific rationale, and is used for other indications, is required to be distributed by the NIH through appropriate channels and therefore is pending to be available to the public, unless foundation is able to conduct the trials needed as quickly as possible.

crlfoundationwpEnhancing Public Health, Safety and Wellbeing

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