Enhancing Public Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Cancer Research and Life Foundation( CRL Foundation) has at it’s core the mission of enhancing public health, safety and wellbeing, by increasing the awareness about importance of prevention and novel therapeutics related to cancer and other chronic conditions. While cancer patients have received enormous support from the non profit since it’s start, their families and

Financial Help for Cancer Patients in California

The six-letter word cancer is enough to give you sleepless nights. Right from the moment of cancer diagnosis to the end of the treatment the period, a patient and his or her family go through a lot of mental and physical stress. Besides this, the financial pressure is another thing that they need to deal

Some Facts About Glioblastoma Multiforme

The term Glioblastoma refers to a cancerous brain tumor that develops from particular brain cells named astrocytes. Due to its aggressive nature and difficulty to remove, it is considered as one of the dangerous forms of cancer. They spread to the surrounding brain tissues very easily. Imaging tests and biopsies are done to diagnose this

Signs & Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Just like in every other cancer, lung cancer also requires early detection for successful cancer treatment. Lung cancer is known to be one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in both males and females in the US/Canada. It starts in the cells of your lungs and grows further when a group of abnormal cells

Different Types of Cancer and Treatments

Cancer – the simple five letters word is enough to give us sleepless nights. Even after the tremendous growth of medical science and in cancer research, people are still afraid of this term. The advancements in cancer treatments have highly increased the survival rates amongst the patients affected by this disease and we all hope

Types of Blood Cancer

Blood Cancer – the name is enough to give us sleepless nights isn’t it? Many of us even believe that Cancer means death which is certainly not the truth anymore. All thanks to the advancements in Blood Cancer therapy research that today a cancer patient can live a long life with proper treatment and awareness.

5 Questions about Breast Cancer People Are Too Afraid To Ask

Once the Doctor has diagnosed with breast cancer, you might be thinking about the causes of the disease. Unfortunately, it is tough to know the exact cause of the issue. Most breast cancer survivors will never be able to identify the exact cause of their problems. The only thing we understand is that this problem


So again my friends and colleagues in radiation oncology recommended an inferior treatment for a patient with advanced Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This time, is a young female with residual disease status post targeted therapy with Brentuximab. Radiation is offered to mediastinal nodes. Well, it just reminded me of my cousin who called my clinic a few


I am seeing patients that have been so mismanaged by their cancer providers to the extent of unreal! It just feels that these folks have not had a chance in their entire journey to see a physician who gave a damn to take care of them. I am AMAZED! The lady shows up and she