“I was able to get some money together and come here, and the treatment is working, and I’ve now found out that I can get some help with funding from the Cancer Research and Life Foundation. That’s a huge blessing, and I’m thankful that there are people out there that donate to this foundation cause they’re helping people like me. Many other people receive treatment that’s actually working!”


“Traditional doctors said they didn’t have much for me, and here it is a year and a half later and I’m still trouble free and scans are still showing everything under control. So, I’m a advocate for this, and I’d appreciate anybody that has any ability to donate.”


“I was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2014, and I began treatment here in October 2017. I have received funding from Cancer Research and Life Foundation, and I would like to express my gratitude for all donations I have received. Being able to receive treatment and not have to worry about how are you going to pay for it, has been a great relief. I have been given a second opportunity and I’m not going to waste it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the chance you have given me, and the time you’ve allowed me to spend with my children.”


“I feel like this is my only hope, this is my chance, and I don’t know what else I can do to get rid of this horrible disease than what I’m doing, so if there is any help that anybody out there can give, it would be greatly appreciated. Not just for me but for all the people that I’ve met. The wonderful people that I come and get treatment with on a daily basis. It’s been just a wonderful support center for myself and for everyone I think, and I feel like we are getting better.”


“I’ve been battling this cancer for a while now. Thanks for Dr.Nezami, I am doing better now, and I want to keep coming here. Any donations would be greatly appreciated so I can keep doing my cancer treatments.”

David C.

“I’m semi-retired now. I’m working with schools, working with kids, enjoying my life more than ever, and appreciating each day as a gift. Really able to make a difference in other peoples lives like I’ve never known before, so I’m really grateful for this gift of life that Dr. Nezami and his office has brought to me. I’m really so blessed and encouraged by this new lease on life. I just pray that I can be able to continue it, so anything in the way of donations would be a huge boom to continue the treatment.”


“With the help of the Cancer Research and Life Foundation, we’re hoping to raise money for patients like me, who’ve had great success and other patients, who’ve I’ve also actually referred to Dr.Nezami and have also had great success.”


“We really really could use some help financially, so we just really ask that you would donate to the foundation, to help all of us here that are fighting cancer, in this incredible way that’s really really working. I’m really excited to see my numbers the next time we do blood work, cause I know they’re dropping, because I’m feeling better, I’m walking better, and we’re really seeing results in a very short time.”

David M.

“Through the foundation, my wife has been able to continue her treatments this past month and a half, and again she is benefiting from that greatly. Her numbers have been good, and steady, and also improving. It would be awesome if you would be able to continue to donate. To help patients like my wife and others, that have been struggling with cancer, and they find themselves in the position that they have to continue with treatments. It would be a blessing for them for you to donate to help them reach they’re goal of having health again .”


“These treatments, just the short amount of time that I’ve been here, have definitely given me more energy to play with my son, and I feel like this is a way for patients, to even get back their health after they go through chemo and we need this treatment. I believe this treatment is helping myself and many of the patients here, and it’s something that we desperatley need but we can’t do this on our own.”


“Since she started, her condition has improved dramatically and eventually most of her blood markers went down to something really very small to what we were in the beginning, but recently we have started out and requested to do more frequent treatments. If you would donate a little bit to this foundation, It would be possible for Dr.Nezami to help so many other patients get his ground breaking treatments.””


“I came all the way from New York State to California to be here with Dr.Nezami at Pacific Medical Center of Hope. He’s my last resort, my last chance here at staying alive and buying time as feeling that I’m relatively young and want to stay alive more than ever. The cost of coarse are astronomical. I can really use tremendous help. Any donations, would appreciate for myself and others, for this chance, opportunity, second chance at life here.”