Become a Social Ambassador

What does it mean to be a Social Ambassador?

A social ambassador is an individual that represents every aspect of an organization. This individual must embody the organization in every way which is why personality plays a vital role. We live in a day and age where competition is very high amongst all non-profits, in order to be able to get the public attention one must have high social skills and make a conscious effort to inform the public.

A Social Ambassador must be fully involved and passionate about the cause as well as being fully informed about every aspect of our non-profit organization. A Social Ambassador must be creative and always look for imaginative ways to convey our message.

CRL Foundation will provide you with the tools necessary to promote and educate the public about our organization.

CRL Foundation is determined to fight cancer while increasing the quality of life for all diagnosed.

If this seems like the right fit for you and you would like more information, Please contact us at: with subject “Social Ambassador” and one of our staff members will contact you with the next steps.

We thank you in advance for your interest!

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